Thursday, 15 September 2011

Berry Nice!

I've been a bit boring lately, as I'm now back at uni (I'm only there 2 days a week but I work 3-4 days a week too.) Anyway I do an ACCA course which is why the time table is slightly different to those that are doing real degree courses. Mines just chartered accountancy. :P
So I haven't really bought anything "interesting" recently, but here are my week's purchases so far.
I was walking through town the other day, not having any real aim to buy anything, just browsing! When I came across this in H&M. It's just a simple, sheer (can't really see it in the picture) black dress. I recently put on some weight and wanted something to encourage me to drop a few pounds. So I picked it up in a size 10 without trying on, when I got home it fit fine! (But I'm still going to try and lose weight!)

I've been lusting after this for weeks when I first seen it in a local shop in town. It was on sale from £40 to £30. I resisted and went home to search online to see if there was any cheaper alternatives or better ones. I failed miserably. So this week I popped in the shop and bought it as there was only 2 left! (It was hell to carry all the way through town and on the bus!) I'm so happy I have it, although I haven't a clue where to put it or what to put in it. Haha. 

These are my first ever pair of brogues. Ain't they lovely? I wore them to uni yesterday and my feet hurt so bad! I haven't worn heels in absolutely ages. I still love them though. The heel itself is about 4-5inches. I felt so tall for once. Hehe. I had to buy in them in 2 sizes up! I have really fat feet! On a serious note though, they were really, really small in my normal size. I plan on getting some more, but maybe with a slightly lower heel next time!
I am simply loving this season's colour! Berry everywhere! (Or ox blood, as some shops are calling it.) This cardigan is from Topshop, and there was only 2 left in my local one! So I snapped it up quickly. I usually don't like knitwear from most places, as the material tends to be itchy or really coarse. But I was pleasantly surprised. This is so soft! I'm hoping to get another one, but in a nude colour (if there's still some left!) Are you loving or loathing the berry shade? 

I also bought some loafers! I think all my shoe purchases are making up for the fact that I didn't fit the Jeffrey Campbell wedges I wanted (4s were too small, 5s were too big, so annoying!) I really like these as they have the chain detailing and a fringe at the front. It's slightly lighter in person, and looks way, way lighter on the website, but I am very happy with these. Even more so because they are size 4. (I was panicking the other day because I thought my feet had grown and I wouldn't be able to fit in my other shoes. God forbid if I outgrow my VW Melissa's!)

Last but not least, Models Own Professional polish in Stark Naked. It's a bit similar to the shade I bought recently "Nude Beige" except it's got a slight gold sheen. Not sure if you can see it in the picture! I was happy with the coverage of the polish, as one layer was plentiful. Though I didn't really like the consistency. I much prefer the regular Models Own polishes. So I don't think I'll be buying the professional range again. Also it's £3 more expensive!

I would love to read some of your comments about my latest buys! x

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Yay! I've been lusting after the Hello Kitty Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 for absolutely ages! So much so that when I went to Hong Kong I even bought 2 packets of the Hello Kitty themed film for this particular camera. They have others like Winnie the Pooh and Lilo & Stich ones. Anyway, I've finally got my hands on this camera to add to my growing collection of instant/ lomo cameras (currently up to 7... I think?) So I found this on ebay, and it came with 2 packs of the Hello Kitty film as well.

This is the camera and a test shot just to check the camera was in working order (you never know with ebay!) Isn't the boarder so cute? I love the quality of the pic and glad it has the same quality as my Fujifilm instax 210. I was worried this camera (as it's smaller) would reduce in photo quality. But it's great! I must go buy some plain instax mini film so that I don't use up all the pretty Hello Kitty ones!

This also arrived today. It's a bag by Henleys. I have never bought anything by them, as usually their stuff is a bit "chav-y". However I am completely in love with this bag and it's quite large too, which is ideal for me as I tend to carry EVERYTHING in my bag! It goes without saying that I like it because it's floral and plus it has cute little stud embellishments. 

Would love to know what you guys think of the camera and the bag... I have to say it's definitely cheered me up (been suffering from the flu!)

Monday, 5 September 2011

Oh Sinny!

Today whilst in town I bought these two beauties. I wasn't really planning on buying anything really as I had just bought a Hello Kitty Fujifilm instax mini 25 (will post pics when it arrives!) Plus I just HAVE to get the Jeffrey Campbell Fairlanes. In case you don't know, they're like the Lita but instead of a boot, they sit just below the ankle. SO nice! Anyway I hadn't realised Debenhams were doing a 10% off all beauty products until I paid. Originally it would have been £99 but I paid £89. So really I kinda saved a tenner! 

I would love to know what your favourite scents are!

Also, yesterday Matt surprised me by taking me to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. I will probably post some pictures from there another time as there is too much to go through. Afterwards we were really hungry and was trying to looking for a place to have lunch and we stumbled upon Jamie's Italian. We're both suckers for Italian food... and we both LOVE Jamie Oliver. :)
We didn't order a lot as we weren't overly hungry. I ordered the scallop squid ink spaghetti and Matt ordered the prawn linguine. We also ordered some chips to share. We couldn't decide on which ones so we ordered both "funky chips" (garlic and parsley) and "posh chips" (parmesan and truffle oil) it was so delish and filling we didn't have any room for dessert!

Doesn't this just look so yummy?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Surprise from Matty!

This is going to be a post with major picture spammage! So be prepared! My boyfriend, Matt, took me to Bradgate Park, one of the highest points in Leicester, to watch the sunset yesterday. It was so lovely, I can't even explain. Then afterwards I said that I'd treat him to a meal out just for being so nice. Here's some (I've got loooads more) pictures from last night! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. My camera isn't all that good (I wish I had a dslr instead!) But I managed to capture a fraction of the magic! :P

I'd love to hear what you guys think of my pictures and the sunset. Sinny x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Newly acquired items.

I recently joined shoedazzle, which is finally in the UK. And I purchased this bag. I'm loving the pyramid studs at the mo. Also the bag is a pretty decent size. It looked kinda small on the website, but I like.

This was a free gift from shoedazzle, which was quite a surprise. However it's not really my sort of thing. Not really sure what I'd use it for! Maybe I will give it to my mum or sister when they come back to the UK. Or if anyone wants it, I'll be happy to send it to them (in the UK). It's just a little purse/ make up bag sort of thing!

Usually I don't ever buy accessories that aren't at least silver as I think cheap jewellery (relatively compared to silver jewellery) is a bit of a waste of money... Although I always see really nice things that other people buy. Anyway, I bought this on ASOS as I thought it was cute, and it was only a few quid. 

This is my first ever Models Own nail varnish, the shade is "Nude beige". I have to say at £5 a bottle, I am very impressed. At only £1.01 more expensive than Barry M, I am extremely happy. There is a wide range of shades, and it goes on very easily. I like to wear light/ nude colours to work and Barry M used to chip all the time. I also own a few O.P.I varnishes, but feel they are too pricey to be wearing at work, where I'm constantly using my hands, washing them and washing up!

So here's the result after one coat. As you can see the coverage is pretty decent. With nude shades I usually have to paint 2 or 3 layers on to achieve the desired colour. I will definitely be buying more of Models Own varnishes from now on!

I recently bought Glamour magazine as I was going to be alone at work with May, I don't like her one bit. There was a voucher for a free sample of the new Clarins "Instant definition mascara". It has a 2 in 1 patent pending brush design. As you can see there's a smaller part at the tip! It claims to separate and lengthen every single lash (even the shortest ones!) I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you guys know how I get on. Has anyone else tried these? Let me know what you think!

These amazing shoes arrived today. :) I ordered a pair in 4s last week and they didn't fit too well. So I sent them to my friend, Selina, as I was going to buy another pair for her anyway. Then I reordered them in 5s and they fit great. I love anything with bows on, and also this colour looks surprisingly really nice on me (don't know why I've never gone for taupe before!) Also it makes my legs look 1000miles long. Lol. I must also note that these were only £22. Bargain!

Monday, 29 August 2011

More purchases!

I cannot tell you how long I've been lusting after the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. Now I am finally an owner of this amazing blush. The nice lady at the counter tested the 'pink quartz", "bronze" and the "rose" on me. We both agreed the "rose" looked best, but she also said the "bronze" looked nice on me too, so maybe I'll be getting that another time. I have to note that the brush she used felt soooo soft against my skin and I will most definitely be buying a brush in the near future!

I have also been lusting after these flesh plugs for ages too. They aren't even that expensive and they come in a pair! (I'm really happy about this as most websites sell individual plugs.) Anyway these are really well made and give a more feminine look. I usually just wear plain black or white ones for work. These are just a nice change!

I was out the other day just wandering aimlessly, when I spotted these! The pair in the store were a bit dirty, so I ordered them on the net. I also purchased some spray from Amazon to protect the canvas, so that it won't get mucky so easily. :) They fit so nicely.

I ordered these 2 pairs of shorts recently. As you can see from the other items I have bought, I love floral. I don't really own any shorts and I am always a bit self conscious about my legs. Slowly I am learning to love myself, and thought I'd treat myself to these. The ones on the top are from ebay. The seller was really great and I got my item the next day! The other pair are from ASOS and it was reduced from £45 to £12. I think that is a WAY too good offer to pass up! (Yes I know we're nearing winter, but I don't care!)

Bought this t shirt at a New Found Glory gig that I recently attended. It was sooo good and I managed to get a set list (second one from them). I love getting band t shirts because it reminds me of that particular gig. It just brings me back!

Some recent purchases!

Most of these purchases were made right at the start of the month!

I bought this ChloƩ perfume set on the plane back from HK. It was so cute I just couldn't resist!
I think it was around £30 odd. I can't quite remember the price!

I got these items on the H&M website. Both were on sale! The floral tray is just so lovely, I thought it'd be ideal to put my cupcakes on (when I can be bothered to bake them). Also it was only like £3, so I bought 2. The duvet cover was £7.99. It's only a single, but I sleep with 2 duvets in the winter. Plus I'm a sucker for floral!

These duvet sets were from They are buy one get one free, so theres 2 of each design in the pack. Bargain! They were pretty cheap too. So I was more than happy with these.

I seen the latest O.P.I collection when I came back from HK and just had to have it! It's the "Nice Stems" collection. I bought them from a little shop in my town and they sell O.P.I for only £9.50 a bottle. Also the more you buy the cheaper it is. I think I paid about £35... I can't quite remember as it was right at the start of them month when I made this purchase. But I just love the shades. They go really well with my skin colour!