Monday, 29 August 2011

More purchases!

I cannot tell you how long I've been lusting after the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. Now I am finally an owner of this amazing blush. The nice lady at the counter tested the 'pink quartz", "bronze" and the "rose" on me. We both agreed the "rose" looked best, but she also said the "bronze" looked nice on me too, so maybe I'll be getting that another time. I have to note that the brush she used felt soooo soft against my skin and I will most definitely be buying a brush in the near future!

I have also been lusting after these flesh plugs for ages too. They aren't even that expensive and they come in a pair! (I'm really happy about this as most websites sell individual plugs.) Anyway these are really well made and give a more feminine look. I usually just wear plain black or white ones for work. These are just a nice change!

I was out the other day just wandering aimlessly, when I spotted these! The pair in the store were a bit dirty, so I ordered them on the net. I also purchased some spray from Amazon to protect the canvas, so that it won't get mucky so easily. :) They fit so nicely.

I ordered these 2 pairs of shorts recently. As you can see from the other items I have bought, I love floral. I don't really own any shorts and I am always a bit self conscious about my legs. Slowly I am learning to love myself, and thought I'd treat myself to these. The ones on the top are from ebay. The seller was really great and I got my item the next day! The other pair are from ASOS and it was reduced from £45 to £12. I think that is a WAY too good offer to pass up! (Yes I know we're nearing winter, but I don't care!)

Bought this t shirt at a New Found Glory gig that I recently attended. It was sooo good and I managed to get a set list (second one from them). I love getting band t shirts because it reminds me of that particular gig. It just brings me back!

Some recent purchases!

Most of these purchases were made right at the start of the month!

I bought this ChloƩ perfume set on the plane back from HK. It was so cute I just couldn't resist!
I think it was around £30 odd. I can't quite remember the price!

I got these items on the H&M website. Both were on sale! The floral tray is just so lovely, I thought it'd be ideal to put my cupcakes on (when I can be bothered to bake them). Also it was only like £3, so I bought 2. The duvet cover was £7.99. It's only a single, but I sleep with 2 duvets in the winter. Plus I'm a sucker for floral!

These duvet sets were from They are buy one get one free, so theres 2 of each design in the pack. Bargain! They were pretty cheap too. So I was more than happy with these.

I seen the latest O.P.I collection when I came back from HK and just had to have it! It's the "Nice Stems" collection. I bought them from a little shop in my town and they sell O.P.I for only £9.50 a bottle. Also the more you buy the cheaper it is. I think I paid about £35... I can't quite remember as it was right at the start of them month when I made this purchase. But I just love the shades. They go really well with my skin colour!

I guess I should post on here more, but I don't really have time to do this and tumblr. Also no one follows me on here, so I feel like I'm wasting my time!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Transformers & carpark rooftop.

These pictures are from a while back now! June 30th to be exact. It was the day I passed my driving test. It was also a few days after finding out my mum had been hospitalised. 
My boyfriend took me out to see the latest Transformers film, as I had been waiting to see it for ages. It was a sort of celebration and to take my mind off things too. I enjoyed the movie but I thought it wasn't as good as the previous ones.
After the film I noticed how lovely the sky looked (I'm a sucker for this) and my boyfriend decided that we should go to the rooftop of the carpark. It was really eerie as it was completely deserted but it was really calming just looking at the views and romantic! Anyway, just thought I'd post a few pics up as they always make me smile.

Aerial views

Sunday, 7 August 2011

My unexpected summer.

I've not posted on here in a while as a few things have changed drastically in my life.
A week or so before my birthday (9th July) I found out that my mum had been admitted to hospital whilst she was in Hong Kong. My initial reaction was shock, but I sort of had this thought in the back of my mind that she'd be out in a day or so.

Little did I know the doctors found that she had blood clots in her brain which caused her to have a stroke. My dad immediately decided to book us all a flight to go to Hong Kong, (despite his return from there to the UK only a week before hand.) I got my driving test over with and passed. A few days later I was on the 11hour journey to Hong Kong.

It all seemed so surreal as it wasn't planned. For days it didn't even feel like I was there. Just seemed to be in a dream like state. I was there for a month and visited my mum in the hospital twice a day on most days. Some days she was positive, other days not so much. Slowly she started to gain strength in her leg, enough for her to be transferred to another hospital for patients in recovery. She had physiotherapy more often and they taught her how to walk again.

My dad told me she has been discharged from the hospital now, as my mum thinks she will get more of a chance to walk at home. She still hasn't got full use of her hand or foot yet, I really do hope there's some sort of improvement soon. It's times like these where I ponder about religion and such. I've never been a believer, but maybe I need some answers.

Pretty much all the while in Hong Kong, I was counting down the days until my return. However on the last week I felt differently. I actually didn't want to leave. I've been back for a week and I feel miserable. The house doesn't feel like a home. It has this empty feeling, no warmth. My boyfriend has stayed with me everyday this week, but it's just not the same. We went to Manchester on Wednesday to see one of my favourite bands and returned on Thursday. It took my mind off things for a short while, as with alcohol, it's only a short term effect.

I'm hoping my mum will be able to return to the UK in another month or so. Who knows what I'd be like when I earn enough to move out... I'd probably spending more time at home than I do now!