Monday, 29 August 2011

More purchases!

I cannot tell you how long I've been lusting after the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. Now I am finally an owner of this amazing blush. The nice lady at the counter tested the 'pink quartz", "bronze" and the "rose" on me. We both agreed the "rose" looked best, but she also said the "bronze" looked nice on me too, so maybe I'll be getting that another time. I have to note that the brush she used felt soooo soft against my skin and I will most definitely be buying a brush in the near future!

I have also been lusting after these flesh plugs for ages too. They aren't even that expensive and they come in a pair! (I'm really happy about this as most websites sell individual plugs.) Anyway these are really well made and give a more feminine look. I usually just wear plain black or white ones for work. These are just a nice change!

I was out the other day just wandering aimlessly, when I spotted these! The pair in the store were a bit dirty, so I ordered them on the net. I also purchased some spray from Amazon to protect the canvas, so that it won't get mucky so easily. :) They fit so nicely.

I ordered these 2 pairs of shorts recently. As you can see from the other items I have bought, I love floral. I don't really own any shorts and I am always a bit self conscious about my legs. Slowly I am learning to love myself, and thought I'd treat myself to these. The ones on the top are from ebay. The seller was really great and I got my item the next day! The other pair are from ASOS and it was reduced from £45 to £12. I think that is a WAY too good offer to pass up! (Yes I know we're nearing winter, but I don't care!)

Bought this t shirt at a New Found Glory gig that I recently attended. It was sooo good and I managed to get a set list (second one from them). I love getting band t shirts because it reminds me of that particular gig. It just brings me back!


  1. Shoes, shorts, t shirt omg everything is so nice and sweet! xx

  2. Love that shimmer brick ! looks so pretty !
    Love the flesh plugs aswell :) Wish i had the courage to have a flesh tunnel !

  3. I loveee those shorts! when you're done... I'll buy them off you yah?! :) :) xx

  4. Marta: Thank you. I wish I could wear everything all at the same time! Shame it's pretty much winter here now!

    Launa: I've had flesh tunnels for 10 years (since I was about 13/14) so I've pretty much just stuck with it. Though I have been larger sizes. I think 14mm is just right for me. I thought they might not look as great as they did on the site. But they are just equally as lovely in real life.

    Mariella: Which pair do you like? I can post a link for you to buy! They were both under £20 each. Really cheap!

  5. Woah those Asos shorts were a bargain!! I am so in to shorts at the moment (although always wear tights with them, I'm not brave enough to bare all...which annoys myself! :P) and really in to floral too! Some fab buys! :D xx

  6. There seems to be a floral theme running through all your purchases! haha! :)

  7. What can I say. I love flowers. You should see the amount of flower pictures I've taken! Lol. xx