Monday, 29 August 2011

Some recent purchases!

Most of these purchases were made right at the start of the month!

I bought this Chloé perfume set on the plane back from HK. It was so cute I just couldn't resist!
I think it was around £30 odd. I can't quite remember the price!

I got these items on the H&M website. Both were on sale! The floral tray is just so lovely, I thought it'd be ideal to put my cupcakes on (when I can be bothered to bake them). Also it was only like £3, so I bought 2. The duvet cover was £7.99. It's only a single, but I sleep with 2 duvets in the winter. Plus I'm a sucker for floral!

These duvet sets were from They are buy one get one free, so theres 2 of each design in the pack. Bargain! They were pretty cheap too. So I was more than happy with these.

I seen the latest O.P.I collection when I came back from HK and just had to have it! It's the "Nice Stems" collection. I bought them from a little shop in my town and they sell O.P.I for only £9.50 a bottle. Also the more you buy the cheaper it is. I think I paid about £35... I can't quite remember as it was right at the start of them month when I made this purchase. But I just love the shades. They go really well with my skin colour!

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