Thursday, 11 August 2011

Transformers & carpark rooftop.

These pictures are from a while back now! June 30th to be exact. It was the day I passed my driving test. It was also a few days after finding out my mum had been hospitalised. 
My boyfriend took me out to see the latest Transformers film, as I had been waiting to see it for ages. It was a sort of celebration and to take my mind off things too. I enjoyed the movie but I thought it wasn't as good as the previous ones.
After the film I noticed how lovely the sky looked (I'm a sucker for this) and my boyfriend decided that we should go to the rooftop of the carpark. It was really eerie as it was completely deserted but it was really calming just looking at the views and romantic! Anyway, just thought I'd post a few pics up as they always make me smile.

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