Thursday, 15 September 2011

Berry Nice!

I've been a bit boring lately, as I'm now back at uni (I'm only there 2 days a week but I work 3-4 days a week too.) Anyway I do an ACCA course which is why the time table is slightly different to those that are doing real degree courses. Mines just chartered accountancy. :P
So I haven't really bought anything "interesting" recently, but here are my week's purchases so far.
I was walking through town the other day, not having any real aim to buy anything, just browsing! When I came across this in H&M. It's just a simple, sheer (can't really see it in the picture) black dress. I recently put on some weight and wanted something to encourage me to drop a few pounds. So I picked it up in a size 10 without trying on, when I got home it fit fine! (But I'm still going to try and lose weight!)

I've been lusting after this for weeks when I first seen it in a local shop in town. It was on sale from £40 to £30. I resisted and went home to search online to see if there was any cheaper alternatives or better ones. I failed miserably. So this week I popped in the shop and bought it as there was only 2 left! (It was hell to carry all the way through town and on the bus!) I'm so happy I have it, although I haven't a clue where to put it or what to put in it. Haha. 

These are my first ever pair of brogues. Ain't they lovely? I wore them to uni yesterday and my feet hurt so bad! I haven't worn heels in absolutely ages. I still love them though. The heel itself is about 4-5inches. I felt so tall for once. Hehe. I had to buy in them in 2 sizes up! I have really fat feet! On a serious note though, they were really, really small in my normal size. I plan on getting some more, but maybe with a slightly lower heel next time!
I am simply loving this season's colour! Berry everywhere! (Or ox blood, as some shops are calling it.) This cardigan is from Topshop, and there was only 2 left in my local one! So I snapped it up quickly. I usually don't like knitwear from most places, as the material tends to be itchy or really coarse. But I was pleasantly surprised. This is so soft! I'm hoping to get another one, but in a nude colour (if there's still some left!) Are you loving or loathing the berry shade? 

I also bought some loafers! I think all my shoe purchases are making up for the fact that I didn't fit the Jeffrey Campbell wedges I wanted (4s were too small, 5s were too big, so annoying!) I really like these as they have the chain detailing and a fringe at the front. It's slightly lighter in person, and looks way, way lighter on the website, but I am very happy with these. Even more so because they are size 4. (I was panicking the other day because I thought my feet had grown and I wouldn't be able to fit in my other shoes. God forbid if I outgrow my VW Melissa's!)

Last but not least, Models Own Professional polish in Stark Naked. It's a bit similar to the shade I bought recently "Nude Beige" except it's got a slight gold sheen. Not sure if you can see it in the picture! I was happy with the coverage of the polish, as one layer was plentiful. Though I didn't really like the consistency. I much prefer the regular Models Own polishes. So I don't think I'll be buying the professional range again. Also it's £3 more expensive!

I would love to read some of your comments about my latest buys! x


  1. Hey,I nominated you for an award... Check out my blog for more details :)
    xo Sandy

  2. Lovely purchases, I have the same problem with shoes I think I'm a 4.5 but I have broad feet too. Love the little cabinet, I was wondering what you would put in it aswell lol xxx

  3. I have seen a few ideas, but it will take a bit of time to fully complete! I always take on too many "projects" at once and never really finish them! But it was so lovely I couldn't just not buy it!

  4. I really love the black dress and the red cardigan

  5. that berry color on the cardigan is beautiful! and that cabinet is pretty cute. maybe you could store artsy supplies in it if you have office space. just an idea :)

  6. Hi,I've nominated you for an award...Check out my blog for more details :)


  7. I love those shoes, really great. I like your blog you have a very cute style. I just became your reader, I hope you're gonna visit my blog.

    Greetz Liz